Message Exchange Center providing Live Answering Service Medical Call-Center, automated receptionist for general business and domain name registration with hosting.

Since 1980
Since 1980
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Services Provided
Live answering service for physicians, health care providers, medical groups, home health agencies, hospice agencies and business entities whose primary function is medical in nature.
Our well-trained live-service agents specializes in medical accounts only.

Our live agents are trained to triage each call according to the medical priority and importance of the nature of the call.

An Automated Virtual Office Telephone PBX
This is one of the main features of Speexch™:
After your caller records their message and remains on hold, you are notified and given the option to speak to the caller (be patched to caller), transfer to another person in your group or simply hang up.
Speexch™ will then prompt the caller holding the option to leave another message.

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About Us
Message Exchange Center provides live answering service to the medical community and Virtual Office Telephone PBX, an automated live service for all types of business entities.

Services offered are:
  • Live Answering Service For Medical
  • Virtual Office Telephone PBX - An Automated Receptionist For All Types Of Businesses
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Automated Receptionist

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